• Porsche Saloon show

    Porsche Saloon

    This four-door supercar has left some sports car enthusiasts scratching their head.

  • SUV Sports Car show

    SUV Sports Car

    Building on the success of the original, check out the ultra-high-tech production process of the second generation BMW X3.

  • Lotus Evora show

    Lotus Evora

    Lotus' CEO Dany Bahar unveils plans for their latest super car.

  • Jaguar XJ show

    Jaguar XJ

    Flick through this selection of images snapped during filming of the Jaguar XJ episode of Megafactories.

  • Swedish Super Car show

    Swedish Super Car

    Marvel at images of the sexy Koenigsegg.

  • LEGO show


    Pictures snapped at the iconic LEGO megafactory.

  • Heineken show


    See images taken of Europe's largest brewery.

  • Mercedes show


    Discover the technical tweaks made to the 2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG with a visit to this classic car's megafactory.

  • Maserati show


    See how engineers create these awe-inspiring supercars!

  • Jack Daniels show

    Jack Daniels

    Step inside the megafactory of the famous whiskey from a tiny town in Tennessee, America.

  • Dodge Viper show

    Dodge Viper

    Step inside the megafactory which produces the mighty Dodge Viper.

  • Dodge Challenger show

    Dodge Challenger

    Step inside the factory that produces the Dodge Challenger.