Even Jaipur's monkeys are affected by the global credit crunch. As money becomes tight for the human residents of Jaipur, free handouts to the temple monkeys become ever more scarce. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Galta Gang has been so successful that their numbers have burgeoned to over one hundred individuals. When this happens, macaque troops undergo a process called fission: the group splits into two. This is because the territory can no longer support such a massive troop.

The matrilineal lines are sustained in the top half mother troop, but in the splinter group we see a big change in structure as previously middle-rankers like Bippin, Yash and Tito are suddenly accelerated to the heady heights of leadership potential.

Follow the Jaipur monkeys as the groups are forced to divide, friendships challenged and the hard times felt by all in Monkey Thieves.

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