Even Jaipur's monkeys are affected by the global credit crunch. As money becomes tight for the human residents of Jaipur, free handouts to the temple monkeys become ever more scarce. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Galta Gang has been so successful that their numbers have burgeoned to over one hundred individuals. When this happens, macaque troops undergo a process called fission: the group splits into two. This is because the territory can no longer support such a massive troop.

The matrilineal lines are sustained in the top half mother troop, but in the splinter group we see a big change in structure as previously middle-rankers like Bippin, Yash and Tito are suddenly accelerated to the heady heights of leadership potential.

Follow the Jaipur monkeys as the groups are forced to divide, friendships challenged and the hard times felt by all in Monkey Thieves.


  • Monkey Thieves: Divided We Stand
    Friction emerges amongst Jaipur's Galta Gang when the slumping economy leads to a drop in the amount of food on offer at the temple.
  • Monkey Thieves: Hard Times
    The Galta Gang members consider their futures when it's clear that the temple can no longer accommodate all of their daily needs.
  • Monkey Thieves: Searching for Sanctuary
    Rani and the Galta Gang hierarchy continue to capitalise on temple handouts, while the splinter group exiles hunt for a new base in the suburbs.
  • Monkey Thieves: Urban Exile
    A baby monkey is injured after tension erupts within the Galta elite. Meanwhile, the splinter group hunts for food in Jaipur city centre.
  • Monkey Thieves: Street Life
    The remaining Galta Gang members are forced to leave the temple in order to find food. Meanwhile, the exiles are finding street life a breeze.
  • Monkey Thieves: Home Hunters
    Queen Rani and the Galta Gang face the harsh reality of life on the streets after being ousted from their temple home by langur monkeys.
  • Monkey Thieves: Beggar's Banquet
    The Galta Gang pulls off a house burglary but the tension on the streets escalates as the ever-increasing monkey catchers close in.
  • Monkey Thieves: Cops And Robbers
    The Galta Gang lives dangerously, with Binita stealing a policeman's radio and Esha ruining a tailor's day when she runs off with his turbans.
  • Monkey Thieves: Missing In Action
    The Galta Gang's arch enemy Zamir returns. Meanwhile, Kamal has a point to prove to Queen Rani, and lost Teejay searches for his mum in vain.
  • Monkey Thieves: Drug Raid
    Kamal makes a last-ditch bid to salvage his reputation. Elsewhere, there's a race against time to save Teejay, the victim of an electric shock.
  • Monkey Thieves: Colour And Calamity
    Queen Rani suffers a torrid time on the streets of Jaipur and feels isolated without the captured Kamal and missing baby son Teejay.
  • Monkey Thieves: An Unlikely Hero
    Yash and Tito strike gold when they enjoy a free journey back to Jaipur on board a truck. Even better, it's packed with delicious food.
  • Monkey Thieves: Deliverance
    Bippin, Yash and Tito reunite with the rest of the Galta Gang exiles and search for a new home. Top of the list is Jaipur's ancient observatory.