Capturing breath-taking footage for wildlife shows can be a risky and dangerous job for the men and women behind the camera.

Nature Uncut ventures into their world and see how a shift in the wind, a misplaced footstep or a technical glitch can mean the difference between a career-making opportunity and disaster.

Nature Uncut: Shark Swarm
Braving wild seas and hungry sharks without a cage, one filmmaker puts his life on the line as he captures on camera an elusive whale. Meanwhile, another cameraman comes face-to-face with the mother of the leopard cubs he's watching.  And see why the hazards of filming alligators in the muddy Everglades are not for the faint-hearted.

Nature Uncut: Crocodile Ambush
Risking her life for the perfect shot, see how Brit Vicky Stone captures close-up footage of crocodiles' lethal lunges at wildebeest. Elsewhere, a cave diver's trip through ancient subterranean...

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