Air Crash Investigation

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Episode 1 - Season 16


  1. Monday 26 June at 08:00

    Lost In Translation (Season 12)

  2. Monday 26 June at 12:00

    Collision Over L.A. (Season 4)

  3. Monday 26 June at 19:00

    Deadly Detail (Season 15)


Flying is one of the safest forms of transport. But what happens when tragedy strikes? From human error and accidents to mechanical faults and design flaws, the success of aviation history is punctuated with disaster and catastrophe. It's rare, but it does happen. Follow experts as they determine what went wrong and work out how to prevent these horrific tragedies from happening again. Examine the wrecks and official records, and hear from eyewitnesses, passengers and aviation experts as we reconstruct some of the most tragic disasters in aviation history. Air Crash Investigation looks at what went wrong and how future disasters can be averted.



  • Cockpit Failure


    Cockpit Failure: Minutes before landing, the pilots of Berlin to Zurich Crossair Flight #359 couldn't find the runway or get their jet to climb and they crashed into a hillside. (S9, ep 1)

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  • Heathrow Crash Landing


    Heathrow Crash Landing: In May 2013, a BA jet made an emergency landing at Heathrow. Five years prior, the engines on a BA plane failed. Did experts find out why? (S9, ep 2)

  • Pilot Betrayed


    Pilot Betrayed: Two minutes after Scandinavian Airlines Flight #751 left Stockholm in 1991, smoke filtered through the cabin and both engines failed, one erupting into flames. (S9, ep 3)

  • Stalled In The Sky


    Stalled In The Sky: Investigation into the fatal crash of Continental Connections Flight 3407 in 2009. Fifty-one people died when it plummeted into a house 10km from the runway. (S9, ep 4)

  • Hudson Splash Down


    Hudson Splash Down: A look into US Airways Flight #1549's ditch in the icy Hudson river. Just after take-off, its engines were crippled when it collided with a flock of birds. (S9, ep 5)

  • Who's In Control?


    Who's In Control? A look into the 2009 crash of Turkish Airlines Flight #195. Just before landing in Amsterdam, the plane mysteriously fell from the sky, killing nine people. (S9, ep 6)