Air Crash Investigation

Cert 16

Wednesday 11.00pm

Killer Attitude

Episode 1 - Season 16


  1. Wednesday 18 October at 08.00am

    Helicopter Down (Season 3)

  2. Wednesday 18 October at 09.00am

    Miracle Escape (Season 4)

  3. Wednesday 18 October at 07.00pm

    Zero Visibility (Season 10)


Flying is one of the safest forms of transport. But what happens when tragedy strikes? From human error and accidents to mechanical faults and design flaws, the success of aviation history is punctuated with disaster and catastrophe. It's rare, but it does happen. Follow experts as they determine what went wrong and work out how to prevent these horrific tragedies from happening again. Examine the wrecks and official records, and hear from eyewitnesses, passengers and aviation experts as we reconstruct some of the most tragic disasters in aviation history. Air Crash Investigation looks at what went wrong and how future disasters can be averted.



  • Cockpit Failure


  • Heathrow Crash Landing


  • Pilot Betrayed


  • Stalled In The Sky


  • Hudson Splash Down


  • Who's In Control?