Apocalypse WWI: Verdun

Wednesday 13 September 20.00

Apocalypse WWI: Verdun


  1. Monday 11 September at 10.00

    The Carnage

  2. Tuesday 12 September at 04.00

    The Carnage

  3. Tuesday 12 September at 10.00

    The Illusion


February 1916. World War I has been raging for two years and has killed over 3 million people. And yet, neither side has managed to gain the upper hand. The Germans, by mobilizing more artillery and men in Verdun than in any other offensive, aim to take destiny into their own hands and win the war. But the French will hold out. For 300 days and nights, under a constant steel storm of 60 million shells, the Germans and the French fight it out, each determined to end the war. How did they survive this Apocalypse? From a stock of over 500 hours of restored and superbly colorized archival footage, Apocalypse Verdun by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle takes viewers on a 90 minute journey into the heart of one of the greatest battles of all times.


Season 1
  • The Carnage


    The Carnage: A gripping documentary composed of archive footage, Apocalypse WWII: Verdun takes us to the infamous and bloody battle of Verdun. (S1, ep 1)

  • The Illusion


    The Illusion: The possibility of ending the war in Verdun is an illusion. Ever since Pétain imposed his flawless logistics, the Germans are struggling to advance. (S1, ep 2)