Banged Up Abroad

Cert 16

John McCain



Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your final destination: a long, lonely stretch in a dark and dangerous prison, far from home. Banged Up Abroad takes you inside accounts of capture, incarceration and terror far away from home with intimate personal interviews and dramatic re-enactments. You'll hear more first-hand accounts not only from those who were locked up, but also from those who were directly part of the story. Whether it is the undercover agent compiling the evidence against the suspect, or the person making the drug-dealing offers, you relive the stories from every angle.



  • Mexican Prison Escape


    Mexican Prison Escape: After months of torturous tunnelling, two surfers caught up in cannabis smuggling, escaped their Mexican jail. Could they make it back to the US? (S9, ep 1)

  • Raving Arizona


    Raving Arizona: English stockbroker Shaun Attwood's decision to quit his job and deal ecstasy riled the mafia in Arizona and landed him in the infamous Maricopa County jail. (S9, ep 2)

  • Snakes On A Plane


    Snakes On A Plane: As investigators closed in, big-time reptile smuggler Tom Crutchfield fled to Belize. But he soon found himself in a jungle prison renowned for its brutality. (S9, ep 3)

  • Vietnam Pows: McCain & Brace


    Vietnam Pows: McCain & Brace: The remarkable story of Vietnam POWs Ernie Brace and John McCain and the friendship they formed though the cell walls of Hanoi Hilton prison. (S9, ep 5)

  • Hunting Mr. Nice


    Hunting Mr. Nice: A gripping look at how schoolteacher Howard Marks became one of the world's biggest cannabis traffickers and how, eventually, his vast empire began to unravel. (S9, ep 9)