Car S.O.S.

Cert 16

Thursday 20:00

Car S.O.S.


  1. Monday 24 October at 18:00

    Start The Dart

  2. Tuesday 25 October at 18:00

    Morris Traveller Mayday

  3. Wednesday 26 October at 18:00

    Danish Dilemma


Master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and parts-blagging petrol head Tim Shaw set off on a mission to save decaying classic cars for their unsuspecting but deserving owners. The car is taken to the Car S.O.S. garage and carefully restored to its former glory, leading to the big, surprise reveal! Just a warning these reveals have been known to make grown men weep...



  • AC Aceca


    AC Aceca: Tim and Fuzz are challenged to transform an extremely rare and valuable AC Aceca for a deserving dad in Leeds. But can they keep their fix-up mission a secret? (S4, ep 2)

  • Datsun 240Z


    Datsun 240z: Tim and Fuzz take on the secret restoration of a rusty Datsun 240z for its deserving owner Paul. But with so much to, will they get the car back to him in time? (S4, ep 4)

  • Volvo P1800


    Volvo P1800: Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend return for a new series of secret fix-ups. First, they transform a rusty old Volvo P1800... with a little help from Sir Roger Moore. (S4, ep 1)

  • Singer Le Mans


    Singer Le Mans: Tim and Fuzz get more than they bargained for when they agree to secretly restore a beloved Singer Le Mans sports car for its 70-year-old owner. (S4, ep 7)

  • Mazda Mx5


    Mazda MX-5: Tim and Fuzz head to Plymouth on a mission to surprise Mazda MX-5 owner Paul with a surprise restoration of his beloved 25-year-old sports car. (S4, ep 6)

  • Range Rover Vogue Se


    Range Rover Vogue SE: Tim and Fuzz head to Cambridge to rescue a Range Rover that's in dire need of some TLC. But will its owner be pleased with their secret revamp? (S4, ep 5)

  • Bmw 2002 Turbo


    BMW 2002 Turbo: Tim and Fuzz are thrilled when a Car SOS call comes in to revive a rusty old BMW2002 Turbo. However, could this be one restoration challenge too far? (S4, ep 3)

  • Vauxhall Astra Gte


    Vauxhall Astra GTE: Tim and Fuzz hope to breathe new life into what was once a Welsh boy racer's pride and joy. Can they return this original 1980s hot hatch to it is best? (S4, ep 8)

  • Mini Cooper


    Mini Cooper: A surprising discovery prompts Tim and Fuzz to make a risky decision as they secretly fix up Eastbourne farmer Keith's 1962 Mini Cooper S. (S4, ep 9)

  • Tim And Fuzz's Greatest Hits


    Tim and Fuzz's Greatest Hits: Tim and Fuzz take a road trip around Britain in Tim's 1965 Mustang Fastback as they revisit their favourite cars of the past four series. (S4, ep 10)