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Episode 10 - Season 1


Genius is a show that explores the turbulent journey of the physicist who would grow to become the icon: Albert Einstein. Fiercely independent, innately brilliant, eternally curious, Einstein changed the way we view the universe. Consequently, this series will change the way we view Einstein. From his early failures and achievements in the world of academics to his emotionally fraught search for love and human connection, the ten-part event paints a portrait of the real Albert Einstein in all his complexity.



Season 1
  • Einstein: Chapter One


    Chapter One: Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush stars as Albert Einstein in a compelling series charting the life of one of history's greatest minds. With Emily Watson. (1 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Two


    Chapter Two: After clashing in class, Albert Einstein falls in love with the determined Mileva Maric. It's an affair that raises eyebrows. Starring Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn.

  • Einstein: Chapter Three


    Chapter Three: Einstein struggles to support his pregnant wife and land an academic post. Compelling drama charting the life of one of history's greatest minds. (3 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Four


    Chapter Four: Einstein juggles raising his children with trying to catch the eye of the scientific establishment. Star-studded drama charting the life of the great physicist. (4 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Five


    Chapter Five: Einstein neglects his family when he finally gets the academic life he has always wanted. Everything could change when he is reintroduced to his cousin, Elsa. (5 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Six


    Chapter Six: Einstein moves his family for both work and to be nearer to Elsa. As his marriage hits breaking point, he sets out to prove his theory. (6 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Seven


    Chapter Seven: As war breaks out, Einstein and one of his closest friends, chemist Fritz Haber, find themselves at odds with one another. Geoffrey Rush stars. (7 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Eight


    Chapter Eight: Einstein (Geoffrey Rush) and his wife Elsa (Emily Watson) face unexpected obstacles as they attempt to flee Nazi Germany. (8 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Nine


    Chapter Nine: Dangers abroad continue to threaten Albert Einstein (Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush) and his former colleagues as he tries to settle into a new life in America. (9 of 10)

  • Einstein: Chapter Ten


    Chapter Ten: Following the dropping of the atomic bomb and the end of World War II, Einstein (Geoffrey Rush) declares himself a world citizen as he moves into his twilight years. (10 of 10)