Highway Thru Hell


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Rear View



  1. Friday 26 May at 18:00

    Wreck Recover Repeat (Season4)

  2. Friday 2 June at 04:00

    Welcome To Winter (Season2)

  3. Saturday 3 June at 04:00

    Deadlift (Season2)


Keeping this beast of a road open takes an army of men and machines, and the last line of defence is a fleet of custom built heavy trucks, with men behind the wheel who are never willing to let the mountains get the better of them. Jamie, Kevin, Adam, Brandon, Samy, Ken, Bruce, Rob and Gord are back, and ready to rescue more truckers in distress. After a long, slow summer it's time to welcome the winter and the work rolls in, sometimes literally. Whilst skids and crashes keep our guys in business, drivers only make money while they're on the move, so the team have to deal with some very impatient truckers. They must work quickly to ensure one of the busiest mountain passes in the country doesn't have any hold-ups. Closure is not an option.



  • Casualties Of War


    Casualties of War: A snow plough is pulled from the river; Colin takes on a new role; a Heavy Rescue legend leaves the group. (S4, ep 1)

  • Saved On Preachers Corner


    Saved on Preachers Corner: Jamie's crew manoeuver mangled trailer around a blind corner; Colin makes a mistake on a recovery; and Brandon starts a new position. (S4, ep 2)

  • War Zone


    War Zone: Colin faces the biggest recovery of his career. Al Quiring faces bad snowstorms on the Coquihala. John faces off against a mangled tractor. (S4, ep 3)

  • Holidays Thru Hell


    Holidays Thru Hell: A semi crashes off a bridge, leaving three RVs dangling over a raging river. John must get holiday traffic moving and prove himself on a recovery. (S4, ep 4)

  • Wreck Recover Repeat


    Wreck Recover Repeat: Al Quiring is in a high-pressure race to recover a split open trailer and open the TransCanada before the morning rush. (S4, ep 5)

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  • Ice Storm


    Ice Storm: A freak downpour of freezing rain covers Hope and the Coq in a thick layer of ice, cutting off communication and crippling Jamie's operations. (S4, ep 6)

  • You Can't Argue With Gravity


    You Can't Argue With Gravity: Al and Gord from Quiring Towing work to rescue a loaded semi that's teetering on the edge of a 300-foot drop. (S4, ep 7)

  • My Purpose Is To Protect


    My Purpose Is to Protect: When recovery crews team up for a massive wreck, a close call leads Brandon to reconsider his future. (S4, ep 8)

  • A Moment's Notice


    A Moment's Notice: Strategies collide when the Davis and Quiring families team up for a rare joint-recovery that has shut down the busiest highway in B.C. (S4, ep 9)

  • Immovable Objects


    Immovable Objects: A simple job turns into an urgent puzzle when a flipped semi pulls Jamie back out on the road. Randy Jacknife faces one of his heaviest challenges yet. (S4, ep 10)

  • Nervous Wrecks


    Nervous Wrecks: A wrecker is called to a river bank to help with an underwater mystery that may be linked to a deadly crime. Jamie's crew battles a whiteout. (S4, ep 11)

  • Rear View


    Rear View: As Jamie reaches a difficult crossroads, he looks back over four seasons, revisiting his most challenging wrecks. (S4, ep 12)

  • Fork In The Road


    Fork In The Road: An unexpected tragedy strikes Jordie and Mission Towing in the season finale. Meanwhile, a rusty Jamie faces a potential disaster on the highway. (S4, ep 13)