Lawless Oceans

Cert 16

The mission

Episode 1 - Season 1


A shocking video shows four men, clinging to wreckage in the sea. Shots ring out. The men are brutally killed - one by one. On the trail of the killers, maritime PI Karsten von Hoesslin dives into the murky depths of the lawless oceans and encounters drug smuggling, people trafficking, illegal fishing and piracy. The high seas are beyond the reach of the law and bandits roam free. If you want to get away with murder, this is the place to do it.



Season 1
  • The Crime


    The Crime: Karsten von Hoesslin enters the murky world of maritime crime as he investigates the shocking film of four men shot while they clung to a wreckage in the sea. (1 of 6)

  • The Witness


    BRAND NEW: The Witness: The discovery of a second film marks a major breakthrough in the investigation into the deaths of four men shot at sea. But will the witnesses talk? (2 of 6)

  • The Case


    BRAND NEW: The Case: The investigation into the deaths of four men shot at sea heats up as Karsten uncovers the dark side of a multimillion-dollar illegal fishing racket. (3 of 6)

  • The Captain


    BRAND NEW: The Captain: Karsten heads into gang territory to investigate a link between the killings and a drug trafficking network. He also tries to identify the captain of the shooter ship. (4 of 6)

  • The Victims


    BRAND NEW: The Victims: With no bodies, fingerprints or DNA, Karsten struggles to identify the men killed in the video. His quest for answers takes him deep into Somali pirate territory. (5 of 6)

  • The Endgame


    BRAND NEW: As Karsten makes one last push to obtain evidence for the authorities, informants warn him against digging further. Could there be greater and more dangerous powers at play? (6 of 6)