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    Money Flows


Water is so essential to life that we cannot survive without it for more than three days. But it s limited. Parched takes a character-driven and investigative approach to find out who really controls water around the world. We follow the trail of powerful water moguls in drought-plagued California and beyond, as they take over precious water resources in shady backroom deals. We investigate how billion-dollar industries use money and manipulation in exchange for a free pass to poison our waterways and precious underground reserves. We expose the mega-banks who are buying up and cashing in on water as they create a budding new industry benefiting an elite few. We reveal alarming near-future scenarios as water wars become a reality, and countries stake their claim on the next freshwater frontiers: Antarctica and Greenland.


Season 1
  • Toxic Waters


    UK PREMIERE: Toxic Waters: Revealing three-part documentary investigating the moguls and mega-banks who control the world's precious water resources. (1 of 3)

  • Global Water Wars


    UK PREMIERE: Global Water Wars: As our planet dries up, access to water has potential to become a dangerous weapon of war. Experts explore the places most vulnerable to water-related conflict. (2 of 3)

  • Money Flows


    UK PREMIERE: Money Flows: The water crisis in Flint, Michigan comes under the spotlight in a look at how Wall Street banks are holding the American people's water supply in their grip. (3 of 3)

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