Strippers: Cars For Cash

Monday 4 September 17.00

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Strippers: Cars For Cash


  1. Thursday 24 August at 03.00

    Take Me Home (Season 2)

  2. Thursday 24 August at 09.00

    Super Car Scrappers (Season 2)

  3. Friday 25 August at 00.00

    My First Car (Season 2)


The stripper boys are here to answer the question - how much money can be made from scrapping cars? Two resident teams of vehicle breakers each choose a car, break it into bits and see who can make the most from flogging the parts. As well as plying their trade in the UK you'll see our intrepid grease junkies travelling to Europe to snap up car bargains and sell parts for a score.


  • Bargain Bangers


    Bargain Bangers: Armed with just 250, the teams go in search of rusty old motors to strip to a shell. Who will drive the biggest profits on the scrap metal market? (S2, ep 9)

  • Workhorse Write Offs


    Workhorse Write Offs: Tasked to think outside the box, the teams bargain for an old Ford Transit and a tractor. When stripped to a shell, which will be worth most in scrap? (S2, ep 7)

  • The Swinging 60s


    The Swinging 60s: The teams unearth a Triumph Herald and Ford Anglia as they search for 60s cars to strip to a shell. Whose classic will be worth the most in scrap? (S2, ep 6)

  • My First Car


    My First Car: The two teams haggle for cars including an Austin 1100 and a Ford Cortina. Which will be worth the most when they have stripped them down to scrap? (S2, ep 2)

  • Breaking The Mould


    Breaking The Mould: The teams bargain for a reliant robin and an eco-friendly Toyota Prius. But when stripped to a shell, which will be worth most on the scrap market? (S2, ep 5)

  • 50K Cars


    50K Cars: The teams splash the cash as they are challenged to buy and break apart cars worth more than 50,000. Will it be the Merc or the BMW that pulls in the profits? (S2, ep 8)

  • Take Me Home


    Take Me Home: The stripper boys come across some more unusual vehicles as they break them into bits and see who can make the most from flogging the parts. (S2, ep 3)

  • Super Car Scrappers


    Super Car Scrappers: The sultans of scrap begin a new battle for profit as they race round Europe snapping up car bargains, stripping them to a shell and swapping the scrap for cash.

  • The French Connection


    The French Connection: The teams cross the channel to bargain for rusty Citroens in northern France. When stripped to a shell, whose car will be worth the most in scrap? (S2, ep 4)

  • Blinged Up Breakers


    Blinged Up Breakers: The teams go head-to-head as they break up typical boy racer cars. Which will be worth more in scrap, the Citroen Saxo VTS or the Vauxhall Corsa? (S2, ep 10)