Supercar Megabuild


Sub Zero Porsche

Season 2


  1. Sunday 1 October at 03.00am

    Range Rover Evoque (Season 1)

  2. Sunday 1 October at 04.00am

    Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (Season 1)


Buckle up petrol-heads, there's a shiny, motoring show on the scene. Putting a fresh spin on your typical car transformation TV show, Supercar Megabuild. In every episode our British motor-mad mechanics will embark on an ambitious mission to transform an ordinary car into extraordinary supercar, fit for the racetrack. But with limited time and other inevitable roadblocks piling on the pressure, will they succeed in creating the ultimate supercars?



  • Le Mans Maserati


    Le Mans Maserati: Under pressure and against the clock, expert mechanics Shane and Dan bid to transform ordinary cars into extraordinary supercars.

  • Delorean Reboot


    Delorean Reboot: Starting with a bare chassis, Shane and Dan are challenged to build a DeLorean that harks back to the classic 1980s coupe that was an icon of the Back to the Future films.

  • Sub Zero Porsche


    Sub Zero Porsche: Supercar dealer Alex Prindiville sets Shane and Dan a tough deadline when he promises to create an ice-racing Porsche in just four weeks.

  • Monster Bentley Gt


    Monster Bentley GT: Ralph and Ranen remodel a luxurious Bentley Mulsanne so it's fit to go off road in Scotland and fully equipped for a weekend of shooting.

  • Audi R8 Drifter


    Audi R8 Drifter: Time is tight and the pressure is on when Dan and Shane are tasked with turning an exclusive and executive Audi R8 into a mean Gymkhana Grid contender.

  • Jaguar Dragster


    Jaguar Dragster: Car builders Shane and Dan head to Mexico in order to create a drag racing Jaguar inspired by the celebrated Supermarine Spitfire.

  • McLaren P1 Hyperbike


    McLaren P1 Hyperbike: Shane and Dan attempt to design and build a motorbike to match one of the most exclusive hypercars on the planet - the 2 million McLaren P1.

  • Lamborghini Transporter


    Lamborghini Transporter: Disaster threatens and tensions run high when Shane and Dan get a call to make a luxury transporter capable of carrying supercars over any terrain.