Supercars: Corvette ZR1

Sunday 4 June 23:00

Cert 16
Supercars: Corvette ZR1


  1. Friday 26 May at 16:00

    Supercars: Lexus Lfa (Season1)

  2. Saturday 3 June at 08:00

    Ferrari (Season2)

  3. Saturday 3 June at 09:00

    Aston Martin Supercar (Season2)


Megafactories lifts the lid on how millions of your everyday products and iconic designs begin life on the assembly line. From bottles of beer to to the latest video games to souped-up supercars, follow every cog and conveyor belt of these fascinating production processes as you enter some of the planet's most impressive factories.


  • Jaguar Xj


    Enter the Jaguar mega factory in Castle Bromwich, England, and discover the first car in the company's history to use aerospace influenced aluminium space frame technology.