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  1. Sunday 19 February at 23:00

    Egyptian Pyramids


This is your chance to reach out and touch the past! Just as a forensic anthropologist analyses bones, and a historian deciphers ancient texts, we now have the technology to "read" the buildings, ruins and landscapes where history was made. Our team of experts will explore famous sites such as Cleopatra's Lost City, Tower of London and the Colosseum with a never-before-seen accuracy, reconstructing the great buildings of the past as they were meant to be seen.


Season 1
  • Jerusalem


    Jerusalem: Engineer Steve Burrows heads to Jerusalem to use cutting-edge technology to analyse the vast walls of the Temple Mount and the manmade mountain of Herodium. (S1, ep 5)

  • Petra


    Petra: Starting in Petra, Jordan, structural engineer Steve Burrows explores the world's most iconic engineering feats using cutting-edge 3D laser-scanning technology. (S1, ep 1)

  • Machu Picchu


    Machu Picchu: The team investigate the architectural secrets of Machu Picchu. Can laser-scanning technology offer answers to three key questions surrounding the Inca city? (S1, ep 3)

  • Colosseum


    Colosseum: Historians use cutting-edge 3D laser scanners to investigate the architectural mysteries of Rome's famous Colosseum. (S1, ep 4)

  • St Paul's Cathedral


    St Paul's Cathedral: Historians head to St Paul's Cathedral, where cutting-edge 3D scanning techniques reveal surprising secrets about Christopher Wren's majestic dome. (S1, ep 5)

  • Egyptian Pyramids


    Egyptian Pyramids: The team head to the Pyramids, hoping that their 3D scanners will reveal how the Egyptians built some of the most advanced structures of ancient times. (S1, ep 6)

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