Uncensored With Michael Ware

Cert 16

Fashion Week Wars

Episode 4 - Season 1


Imagine if Hunter S. Thompson had a camera instead of a pen. No trite narration. No preconceived ideas. Instead, a journey of discovery. Watch as journalism becomes literature on television in a breakthrough series starring the indomitable Michael Ware - the larrikin former TIME Magazine and CNN war correspondent - as he takes you behind the mask of our world's enigmas. Ware has covered everything from Charlie Sheen to Operation Iraqi Freedom and now comes to Nat Geo to tell story like it's never been told before. This is full immersion television that drops the barrier between storyteller and viewer. True journeys are felt. They are lived. They are never contrived. From the moment Ware and his crew touch down, to the moment they finally find their truth, the viewers are with them. The scenes, the people, will take paths all their own. Unscripted. Alive in its rawness.


Season 1
  • Witch Hunt


    BRAND NEW: Witch Hunt: Journalist Michael Ware travels to the highlands of Papua New Guinea, where women thought to be witches are still hunted and killed.

  • Chasing Iranian Spies


    BRAND NEW: Chasing Iranian Spies: War correspondent Michael Ware goes in search of a secretive organisation that wants to overthrow the Iranian government. But are they terrorists or freedom fighters?

  • Africa's Last King


    NEW SEASON: Africa's Last King: King Mswati III is the last remaining absolute monarch of Africa, ruling over the entire Kingdom of Swaziland and its people. The western media portrays Swaziland as a struggling nation, its population suffering beneath the rule of a self-absorbed playboy king. But is there truth behind these headlines? We journey deep into the monarchy to find out what it's like to be one of the world's last true kings.

  • Fashion Week Wars


    NEW SEASON: Fashion Week Wars: Our rugged war correspondent journeys deep into the heart of New York City during Fashion Week, as it pulses with pageantry, runway shows, models, chic elite, and celebrities, to search for any meaning in fashion.

  • Putin's Biker Gangs


    BRAND NEW: Putin's Biker Gangs: War correspondent Michael Ware embeds himself with the Night Wolves: a Kremlin-backed biker gang with a penchant for pyrotechnics and a direct line to Putin.

  • Cuban Rum And Revolution


    NEW SEASON: Cuban Rum And Revolution: In recent months we've all seen the images breathlessly broadcast of a "new" Cuba. Of an island peppered with bright red 1950s Chevys parked along picturesque cobblestone streets. Of the bluest of blue beaches, adorned with bikini beauties. Of a tropical locale, but a stone's throw from the US, that's suddenly the new "Destination Zero" for the rich and curious tourist. All of this amidst a joyous geopolitical and diplomatic air of rapture as Barack Obama's America historically embraces Castro's Cuba. But is this the real Cuba?

  • The Deep South


    NEW SEASON: The Deep South: We all know the southern stereotypes of the good old boys and the finishing school girls. But do these stand up? Michael dives past the age-old traditions of the American South hoping to find the heartbeat of the region. From football to faith, family to food, all might not be just what they seem.

  • Paparazzi!


    Paparazzi!: Michael embeds with seasoned paparazzi as he finds out what they go through in order to hunt out, shoot and sell celebrity photos.