World War I Apocalypse

Tuesday 08.00pm

World War I Apocalypse


  1. Tuesday 24 October at 08.00pm


  2. Tuesday 31 October at 08.00pm



Was the sacrifice of an entire generation worldwide an avoidable or a necessary tragedy? Are the roots of World War II to be found in the devastation of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles? Trace the journeys of the civilians and soldiers across the world who fought for survival in this unprecedented period in human history, both heroic and barbaric.


Season 1
  • Fury


    Fury: Series exploring the milestones of the Great War and the most harrowing and heroic stories of famous and unsung soldiers and civilians across the world. (1 of 5)

  • Fear


    This Programme Contains Graphic Images Which some Viewers May Find Disturbing. Discretion Is Advised'

  • Hell


    New Hell: Harrowing and heroic stories reveal the horrors experienced by thousands in the trenches, as well as the terrible reality of chemical and industrial war. (3 of 5)

  • Rage


    Rage: The soldiers have reached breaking point. On the home front, anger seethes as hunger stalks the population and wartime misery penetrates every home. (4 of 5)

  • Deliverance


    Deliverance: The Italians are defeated at Caporetto and a Bolshevik Russia pulls out of the war. But American reinforcements are decisive and the Allies emerge victorious. (5 of 5)