Borneo's Secret Kingdom


Crocodile Attacks a Wild Pig



Rushing from the central heart of Borneo is the Kinabatangan River, a cornucopia of life - from deep within mountains, to its ultimate meeting with the sea, the Kinabatangan is flanked by jungles of mystery and magic.



Season 1
  • Forest Of The Flying Snakes


    This episode introduces the Kinabatangan River - a powerhouse of nature flowing from the heart of Borneo. Fuelled by yearly monsoons it courses through a hub of diversity. A nexus of powerful forces has created the most species-rich area on the planet. From gentle giants, to lethal predators, the Kinabatangan snakes its way through a landscape that is still as ancient and mysterious as is ever was.

  • Empire Of The Sun


    At the heart of South East Asia, in Borneo's steaming jungles, evolutionary forces churn out the beautiful and bizarre. Taking form as condensed vapour in distant mountains, the waters of the Kinabatangan River have passed over rapids, through hilly country, and into floodplains. A realm of over 50 mammal species, 200 types of bird and countless insects. But this is an El Nino year, which means the rains are unusually late. Spreading famine and relentless heat, nature pulls no punches.

  • King Of The Swamp


    On Borneo's coast lies the vast Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands. At over 50,000 hectares it's one of the largest and most pristine coastal ecosystems in South East Asia. But this world is about to get shaken up. The wet-season has arrived. The more it rains the bigger the Kinabatangan river gets.