Animal Fight Club


Thursday 06.00pm

Clash of Titans



  1. Thursday 21 September at 06.00pm

    Turf Wars (Season 3)

  2. Friday 22 September at 12.00am

    Land Battles (Season 2)

  3. Friday 22 September at 01.00am

    Extreme Survival (Season 2)


Animal Fight Club features pound-for-pound battles between some of the biggest, baddest and often surprising fighters in the animal kingdom. From Bears and Golden Eagles, to Tigers, Rhino and even the humble Shrew, contenders hail from across the globe. AFN delivers the drama and testosterone of the UFC and dissects the science behind the tactics and bodily weapons that human champions wouldn't and couldn't employ. No holds barred - anything goes in the wild.



  • Rampage


    Rampage: It's kill or be killed as angry elephants go on the rampage, hungry crocodiles take on lions and swarms of deadly ants go into battle. (S5, ep 1)

  • Dare Or Die


    Dare or Die: Polar bears battle for supremacy. Plus, when a honey badger refuses to play ball, a group of lions get more than they bargained for.

  • Plan Of Attack


    Plan of Attack: These intelligent attacks, clever battle plans and killer clashes prove that brain power can be just as potent as muscle power in the animal world. (S5, ep 3)

  • Margin Of Terror


    Margin of Terror: As the world's deadliest predators meet in battle, one misjudged move could mean the difference between life and death. (S5, ep 4)

  • Total Domination


    Total Domination: Creatures of all sizes and savagery clash over food, land and bloodlines in this edge-of-your-seat look at some of nature's best and bloodiest battles. (S5, ep 5)

  • Winner Takes All


    Winner Takes All: Claws are on show and venom is in full flow as greed, revenge, love and hate cause creatures including snakes, grizzlies and buffalos to go into battle. (S5, ep 6)

  • Release The Beast


    Release the Beast: There are no prizes for second place when wild animals face off and fight. These battles reveal the lengths creatures go to in order to survive and conquer. (S5, ep 7)

  • Bone Crushers


    Bone Crushers: Asian tigers and Arctic bears take centre stage in these bone-shattering clashes. There are no rules in these extreme animal battles. (S5, ep 8)