Europe's Great Wilderness


Monday 30 October 02.00pm

Europe's living waters 2



  1. Monday 30 October at 02.00pm

    Life Below Zero

  2. Monday 30 October at 03.00pm

    Europe's Green Heart

  3. Monday 30 October at 04.00pm

    Europe's Living Waters


Europe is the second smallest continent, yet is incredibly diverse. Temperatures range from 40 degrees to minus 40 degrees across several ecoregions. Europe's Great Wilderness explores its wildlife and the mosaic of habitats in which they live.



Season 1
  • Life Below Zero


    Life Below Zero: A look at Europe's incredibly diverse landscape and wildlife, including the resilient creatures that thrive in the continent's subzero temperatures. (2 of 3)

  • Europe's Green Heart


    Europe's Green Heart: A look at Europe's diverse landscape and wildlife, including its forests which form some of the planet's most secret, complex and beautiful habitats. (1 of 3)

  • Europe's Living Waters


    Europe's Living Waters: The series concludes with a look at the incredible array of wildlife living along Europe's coastlines, as well as in its lakes, streams and wetlands. (S1, ep 3)