Incredible Gulpers

Monday 20.00

Incredible Gulpers


  1. Monday 21 August at 20.00

    Incredible Gulpers

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    Incredible Gulpers

  3. Tuesday 22 August at 11.00

    Incredible Gulpers


Ever been so hungry, the food didn't touch the sides? Meet nature's gulpers - an array of creatures that have hideous jaws, able to swallow their food whole, or trap their prey and eat them alive! Others use their awesome jaws to fight for territory, or to protect their young. The orange-throated pikeblenny has a mouth three times the size of its body, purely for defending territory. Swallowers take the simple approach - get as much down in one sitting as possible. Humpback whales can swallow a shoal of fish big enough to fill a bus in one gulp! Nile crocodiles are living battering rams, breaking legs and ripping up prey before gulping them down - heads, limbs, horns and all! Then there are the trappers, sinister predators that catch their prey whole, and digest it while it's still alive! These animals and many others will fascinate you as we visit each Incredible Gulper.


Season 1
  • Incredible Gulpers


    Incredible Gulpers: Meet the creatures with the biggest and most phenomenal jaws. These include the humpback whale, which can swallow enough fish to fill a bus in just one gulp.