Mission Critical
Monday 09.00pm

Leopard At The Door

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter has spent his life working to save endangered big cats through his award winning pictures. Now he turns his lens on an elusive and deadly predator—the leopard. In Mission Critical: Leopards at the Door Steve brings sophisticated remote imagery equipment, not to the savannah or the jungle, but to one of the biggest and most crowded cities on the planet, India’s financial capital of Mumbai. Here, the urban sprawl is swallowing up a national park that’s home to at least 21 leopards. The leopards leave the park to stalk the city streets, sometimes hunting and killing humans. Nowhere else on Earth do apex predators live alongside such a crowded metropolis. Steve ventures deep into the beating heart of the city—to capture stunning imagery that shows how leopards and people can co-exist. Could Mumbai’s leopards be a model for how we can learn to live with these iconic creatures?


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