NG Wild Series 1


Deadly Kisses



  1. Friday 2 June at 01:00

    Dragon Island

  2. Wednesday 14 June at 21:00

    Search For King Cobra

  3. Friday 16 June at 22:00

    Grit: Honey Badger Tough


There is an island where dragons still roam. A Jurassic type underworld where ancient warlords still rule. Where they fight for supremacy; where they fight to survive. Komodo Island - deep in the remote basin of the Pacific Ocean - is an ancient Kingdom of fire and brimstone. Here, a string of 452 volcanoes erupt from the ocean bed. Known as "The Ring of Fire" it's the perfect habitat for dragons. Komodo Dragons! The largest living lizard on the planet with 34 million years of survival in his DNA. It s no surprise that he's still known as a dragon since he has the presence of an ancient gladiator. He's armoured in claws and scales, but instead of spitting fire, he spits deadly venom.



Season 1
  • Search For King Cobra


    It’s 14 feet long with almost 2 teaspoons of available venom. This is the King Cobra. A King kills and consumes other snakes up to 10 feet long. All forest residents live in fear of him including human beings. But is his empire is under threat? He’s a resident of India - the most populated part of the planet- and he’s having to mix more and more with villagers. But little is known about these highly venomous snakes. Previous research and tagging projects have only started to scratch the surface into their elusive lives. Now for the second time ever in India, 4 Kings are being tagged in the hope that it will uncover their secret lives.

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