Russia's Mystery Files

Cert 16
Pioneer Productions
Russia's Mystery Files


The Soviet Union was a sinister world, a land of secrets, rumours and uncertainty. Now the Iron Curtain has now fallen, and for the first time we can investigate those rumours from terrifying mutant dogs to the mysterious Mountain of Death. We will use eyewitness testimony, actual artifacts, and powerful dramatic reconstruction to bring these bizarre and scary tales to life. We'll delve into human psychology. We'll explore the physics of the metaphysical, and the biology of the beasts. Our experts are drawn from the cutting edge of modern science... And we will discover that nothing is quite as it seems.


Season 1
  • Russia's Mystery Files Part 1


    GREAT MYSTERIES WEEKEND: Russia's greatest mythical beasts are brought to life through eyewitness testimony and dramatic reconstructions in this unique look at the country's legends and folklore. (1 of 2)

  • Russia's Mystery Files Part 2


    GREAT MYSTERIES WEEKEND: Eyewitness testimony and dramatic reconstructions bring to life some of Russia's most famous folklore stories, including wild half-human creatures and zombie dogs (2 of 2)