Snakes In The City


Tuesday 5 September 20.00

The Forest Cobra



  1. Monday 28 August at 08.00

    Cobra In The Kitchen (Season 3)

  2. Monday 28 August at 16.00

    Ghost Snake (Season 2)

  3. Tuesday 29 August at 08.00

    Hiss Of Death (Season 3)


The tropical city of Durban has beaches, babes and hundreds of venomous snakes. Simon Keys is not your usual snake handler. After growing up in the hard streets of London, he didn't have to deal with much wildlife, but now that he lives in South Africa - things have changed. His job is to hunt down the world's most dangerous snakes, but they're not in the wild - they are in his city.


  • Hiss Of Death


    Hiss of Death: A spitting cobra takes aim at snake catcher Siouxsie's face. Plus, a rats' nest causes a stir and an elusive black mamba hides within strike range. (S3, ep 2)