Survive The Wild

Wednesday 20:00

Survive The Wild


  1. Wednesday 26 April at 20:00

    Devious Defenses (Season1)

  2. Thursday 27 April at 00:00

    Devious Defenses (Season1)

  3. Thursday 27 April at 17:00

    Devious Defenses (Season1)


In the wild every creature has its own game plan. Attack and defense, communication and mating, hunting and claiming territory - for animals to succeed in the turmoil of nature they need strategy. With stunning archival footage and computer generated graphics, we observe the tactics animals use to survive and dominate in the wild. These are Wild Strategies.


  • Masters Of Attack


    NEW SEASON: For carnivores, their food does not grow on trees. If they are to survive they must employ all the strategies at their disposal to overcome a food source that is equally determined to live as they are. They must find it if it hides, chase it if it flees, track it if it is elusive and defeat it if it fights. The predator's physical powers will only finish the job. The real work comes down to strategy.