Ten Deadliest Snakes



Episode 1 - Season 3


In this high-octane series, Nigel Marven counts down his list of the ten deadliest snakes across four corners of the globe, from the sweltering rainforests of the Philippines to the scorching deserts of the Middle East. On this extraordinary journey Nigel visits spectacular locations including a natural wonder of the world, uncovers fascinating behaviours and encounters a thrilling cast of creatures, from a powerful python to venomous vipers.



Season 1
  • Phillipines


    Philippines: Nigel's countdown takes him to the Philippines, where he seeks out a sea serpent with a deadly bite and the world's most venomous cobra. (1 of 4)

  • Brazil


    Brazil: From the wetlands of Rio Grande to the mighty Amazon rainforest, Brazil is a hotspot for deadly snakes and Nigel is seeking them out as he counts down his top ten. (2 of 4)

  • Mexico


    Mexico is home to an incredible 400 snake species, nearly a fifth of which are venomous. Nigel searches high and low for his top ten. (3 of 4)

  • Arabia


    Middle East: Nigel heads to the scorching deserts of Oman and the United Arab Emirates as he hunts out some of the most adaptable, resilient and dangerous snakes of them all. (4 of 4)