Wild Indochina

Wednesday 13 September 12.00

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Wild Indochina


  1. Wednesday 13 September at 12.00

    Wild Indochina


Indochina; three ancient kingdoms, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, linked by one great river: the mighty Mekong. A mystical land shaped by the forces of the monsoon. A region ravaged by war but, like a Phoenix, risen from the ashes. Within its boundaries can be found one tenth of the world's species, and some of the richest ecosystems on the planet. This is the land of the Mother River, one of the most bio diverse regions on Earth.


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  • Wild Indochina


    Head to the ancient kingdoms of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Linked by the mighty Mekong River, these mystical lands are home to one 10th of the world's species.