Wild Russia


The Extremely Rare Amur Leopard



Wild Russia is a landmark High Definition series charting a journey across this vast land that stretches from Europe to the Pacific Ocean. Covering 11 time zones, this huge country contains a wealth of unspoilt natural wildernesses - beyond the huge cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a primal world with rough mountain summits, wild rivers and an unmatched flora and fauna reveals itself.



Season 1
  • Kamchatka


    Kamchatka: Located in the far east of Russia, the peninsula of Kamchatka is continually transformed by active volcanoes, providing the ideal habitat for a wide range of wildlife. (1 of 6)

  • The Secret Forest


    The Secret Forest: The forests of Ussuriland are home to some of the rarest animals on earth. Breathtaking documentary exploring the epic landscape of the world's largest country. (2 of 6)

  • The Great Divide


    The Great Divide: The Caucasus region boasts a landscape of forests, mountains and arid salt flats. It is also home to a spectacular array of wildlife, including the glass lizard. (3 of 6)

  • Siberia


    Siberia: From the irresistibly scented musk deer to wild horses, camels and gazelles, discover how Siberia's unique wildlife thrives in such beautiful, yet extreme, environments. (4 of 6)

  • Arctic


    Arctic: Discover how, in the biting cold and howling storms of the Arctic, polar bears, walruses and arctic foxes compete for food and protect their young from the elements. (5 of 6)

  • Primeval Valleys


    Primeval Valleys: Journey through the majestic primeval forests of the Urals and discover Eurasian elk and half-tonne leviathans in the extreme winters of this Russian sanctuary. (6 of 6)