The Americas may be home to some of the most advanced metropolitan areas on the planet but, outside the cities and towns, they can be a very different place. 

Take a walk on the wild side in Untamed Americas in a stunning series narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Josh Brolin, and experience an intimate look at some of the greatest wildlife spectacles and against-the-odds fights for survival ever captured on camera.

From a grizzly bear hunting in the Rockies to a bat that has a tongue longer than its body; from a killer mouse that howls at the moon to the spectacle of thousands of rays "flying" through the air; from jaguars hunting caimans to dolphins swimming amongst the trees-the Americas are full of amazing surprises

It's not just the creatures that are awesome; it's also a land of superlatives with the longest mountain system the Andes, the largest rain forest the Amazon, and the...
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