• Motor Bike Bug-Out show

    Motor Bike Bug-Out

    Field Producer Justine Simonson is on location with the Southwick family and their motor bikes.

  • Prepper Tips: Big Al show

    Prepper Tips: Big Al

    Big Al shares some of his prepper wisdom.

  • Prepper Profile: Jeff Bushaw show

    Prepper Profile: Jeff Bushaw

    Jeff Bushaw is preparing for the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano.

  • Prepper Profile: Jay show

    Prepper Profile: Jay

    Jay is preparing for another terrorist attack in New York City.

  • Prepper Profile: Brent show

    Prepper Profile: Brent

    Brent is preparing to protect his family after an electromagnetic pulse.

  • Prepper Profile: Lucas Cameron show

    Prepper Profile: Lucas Cameron

    Lucas is prepping with his family according to scripture.

  • Bunker Boat show

    Bunker Boat

    One prepper is taking to the waters in the event of a massive solar storm.

  • Pork of Doom show

    Pork of Doom

    A family’s BBQ joint is cover in the event of a terrorist takeover.

  • Bark and Bite show

    Bark and Bite

    Alex is training his army of dogs to be his defense during his Doomsday scenario.

  • Driveway Defense show

    Driveway Defense

    Steve and his family practice a home defense drill that will blow intruders away.

  • Tunnel Time show

    Tunnel Time

    Chad and his family go shopping for a perfectly-sized tunnel.

  • Buzzed show


    John’s got a secret weapon to keep his family well fed during doomsday.

  • Body Chute show

    Body Chute

    Kevin is designing a chute to remove garbage and bodies from his underground bunker.

  • The Doctor is In show

    The Doctor is In

    Dr. Dave plans to rely on Eastern medicine during Doomsday.

  • If There's a Gas Attack show

    If There's a Gas Attack

    Mark teaches his kids how to secure protective gear so they're protected from chemical weapons.

  • SpringThaw show



  • Border Security show

    Border Security

    For extra security, landmines lined the wall borders.

  • Wall Expansion show

    Wall Expansion

    Areas were cleared out to provide more space for the growing wall.

  • Jaguar Tracks show

    Jaguar Tracks

    Researchers follow tracks to find a jaguar that might be in danger.

  • Shadow Cat Traps show

    Shadow Cat Traps

    What makes this area a hotspot for jaguars?