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      Switzerland Grand Train Tour Part 2

      Feast your eyes on stunning panoramic views of Switzerland when you travel by train.

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      • 20:00 HKT
        Mega Food
        Up In The Air

        Passenger aircrafts arrive at Zurich airport every day. Get on board to discover what it takes for the airline caterers to fill the crafts’ galleys.

      • 21:00 HKT
        Primal Survivor: Escape the Amazon
        Storming Waters

        Survivalist Hazen Audel fights through endless mangrove swamp, finally reaching the Atlantic Ocean to complete his extreme Amazon challenge.

      • 22:00 HKT
        The Cult of Mary

        Examining the global phenomenon of the cult of Mary, this episode opens a window into the many ways devotees venerate the Virgin Mary.

      • 23:00 HKT
        To Catch A Smuggler
        Guns of New York

        HSI enacts a controlled delivery of gun parts in NYC. CBP faces a surge of meth coming into Calexico, and questions an alleged sex tourist in Miami.

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

Wildebeest herds massing. This is from Zebras of the Serengeti. Photo of the day - 26 May 2022

26 MAY 2022

Wildebeest herds massing. This is from Zebras of the Serengeti.

Earth Touch

Videos of the Week

Echolocation video


Similar to how bats use sound to navigate in the dark Daniel uses a click sound to perceive the presence of objects.

Photos of the Week

Hyena Gangs photo

Hyena Gangs

Unique night vision and thermal cameras penetrate the darkness to reveal Africa's notorious hyenas hunting in their element....


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