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      Hoisted From Hell

      A rescue team fights through a storm to reach a fishman who's hand has been ripped through a winch and a crevasse opens up under a group of climbers.

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      • 20:00 HKT
        Ultimate Supercar: Top Models
        Taking Charge

        The car world is changing fast! To survive in the auto industry Aston Martin must revamp their halo machine - The 715-horsepower V12 DBS Superleggera.

      • 21:00 HKT
        America's National Parks
        Big Bend

        Big Bend National Park—a vast wilderness of mountains, deserts and rivers. A sanctuary for life, deep in the heart of Texas.

      • 22:00 HKT
        World's Greatest Train...
        Australia's Outback Railway

        Crossing the harsh terrain of the Australian outback, the Ghan, a luxury train, and its 3,000 kms of track need constant and skilled maintenance.

      • 23:00 HKT
        Evacuate Earth
        Zombie Earth

        Could a virus really turn humanity into vicious, seething monsters? Experts explain what could happen if humanity faced a deadly contagion without a cure.

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

The JWST during construction. (NASA) This is from Ultmate Space Telescope. Photo of the day -  4 October 2022

4 OCTOBER 2022

The JWST during construction. (NASA) This is from Ultmate Space Telescope.

NASA/Public Domain

Videos of the Week

Echolocation video


Similar to how bats use sound to navigate in the dark Daniel uses a click sound to perceive the presence of objects.

Photos of the Week

Hyena Gangs photo

Hyena Gangs

Unique night vision and thermal cameras penetrate the darkness to reveal Africa's notorious hyenas hunting in their element....


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