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Discover if the Mayan prophecies that the world will end in 2012 should be taken take seriously.

What if the Maya were right about the end of humanity as we know it? Would fire pour from the sky, buildings shatter, floods destroy Washington DC and Los Angeles slide into the Pacific? That’s how Hollywood is interpreting the end of the Maya great calendar cycle on December 21, 2012, in the new movie “2012” with John Cusack.

Now an unexpected discovery points to a catastrophic Earth event, perhaps suggesting we are doomed to repeat it … could this be a scientific basis for the date ancient Maya astronomers anticipated thousands of years ago?

The Maya believed that everything including creation and destruction occurred in cycles. Their calendar spanned five cycles, each lasting approximately 5,200 years. At the end of each cycle before this one, the Maya believed the current, flawed creation had to be destroyed for the world to be born again. Some believe the end of the current cycle on December 21, 2012, is an apocalyptic sign. And those who see a connection between the complex and incredibly accurate Maya calendar and a prophecy that the world will end in 2012 point to an unexpected discovery made in 2003.

This captivating documentary looks for the truth behind the compelling myth – is there evidence of global upheaval on a massive scale? We follow scientist Adam Maloof to three continents on a detective story that spans eons, with clues embedded in the oldest rocks on the planet.


  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Bite Force
    Brady is after the animal with the most powerful bite force and will stop at nothing to get up close and personal with these top predators.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Closest Encounters
    Brady has captured thousands of crocodiles. But can he get up close to the big wild crocodiles in Tanzania without having to retrain them?
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy
    The Mayans predict the end of the world on Dec 21, 2012.We provide a scientific explanation for what may or may not happen in the year 2012.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Countdown Crocs
    Brady goes hands-on experience with every species of croc seriously, all the more reason with these species on the edge of extinction.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Deadliest Snakes
    What makes the most lethal snake on the entire planet? Brady Barr travels across 4 continents to crown the world's most fearsome snake.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Dens Of Danger
    Animals and dens have always fascinated Brady.Join Brady as he takes a peak into the lair of some of the world's most intriguing animal behaviour.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Monster Bite
    Which animal has the most monstrous bite? Join Dr Brady Barr with his special bite meter as he looks for the animal that will break the T-Rex record.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Monster Crocs (aka Size Matters)
    Join Dr Brady Barr to locate a massive, 5.5-metre crocodile - the biggest crocodile he has ever captured. His first stop - Costa Rica.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Super Snake
    He's at it again. Brady wrestled anacondas,sought out deadly cobras,now he is after the biggest snakes the world has to offer, the supersnake.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Blind Crocs Mystery
    Something is blinding American crocs in Costa Rica's Tarcoles River. Join Brady, Thomas and Nick in solving the mystery.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: A Life Captured
    Watch Brady Barr's unique methods of getting up close to some of the most unapproachable animals to learn how they survive and thrive in the wild.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Croc Crisis
    As the water in the dam are rising, it is on the verge of wiping out the habitat of the Nile croc in South Afirica. Watch how Brady & team help them.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Dragon Hunt
    Brady straps a camera onto the back of the Komodo dragon to unveil the mysteries of their behaviour. Can he succeed?
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Hippo Steakout
    Brady made himself a 'hippo suit' to get up close to the wild hippo to collect a sample of their sweat for scientific analysis.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Hog Wild
    As the feral-hog problem becoming serious around the world, Dr. Brady Barr will discover the reasons that change a barnyard animal into an invader.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Python Attack
    Dr Brady Barr was bitten by a 3.5m python and was in serious infection! But it does not stop him working, he returned to the cave 6 weeks later.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Return To The Python Cave
    Despite the last accident,Brady is back in Indonesia again.This time, he is going deeper to try to capture one of the biggest snakes he has ever done.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Shark From The Abyss
    The mysterious Sixgill shark that normally lives up to 8000 feet deep is occasionally found in much shallower seas. Will Brady find the answer to it?
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Slimy Monsters
    Brady captured the big 4 of the salamander world and rate their size, survival skills and their overall sliminess to find the King of the Amphibians.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Venomland
    Which animal will he crown the number one venomous culprit in Australia? Come and join Dr Brady Barr and discover the most venomous creatures!
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Lonely Planet- Roads Less Travelled
    Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler goes wild in Alaska. He travels to Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Bering Sea and heads south to Kodiak Island.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Speed Kills
    Dr. Brady Barr goes head-to-head with some of the most dangerous ambush predators on the planet.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Barr V. Bear
    Dr. Brady Barr goes on an investigation to track brown bears, then venture to the frozen shores for an up close encounter with a polar bear.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Destination Extreme
    In this episode, we'll explore the Chugach Mountains in Alaska, and journey into its less known territory.
  • 2012: The Final Prophecy: Treks In A Wild World
    Zay hikes through the mountains of Lukomir,then he mountain bikes through the Sinjajevina Highlands, and end his trip rafting down the Tara river.