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Watch epic adventures from around the world.

Adventure Wanted is a series of hour-long epic adventures set in the most remote, bizarre and unexplored corners of the planet. Renowned adventurer and revered mountaineer, Joby Ogwyn takes us with him to new and exciting locations, ready to handle the wildest action packed athletic endeavors the world can throw at him.


  • Adventure Wanted: Eiger Base Jump
    All the challenges Joby Ogwyn undertook were just warm-ups for his ultimate challenge: a BASE jump off the Eiger in Switzerland.
  • Adventure Wanted: Climbing Yosemite
    Joby Ogwyn heads to the Yosemite National Park in California to conquer the formidable Lost Arrow Spire, a rock wall in the park.
  • Adventure Wanted: Stock Car
    Joby Ogwyn straps behind the wheels of a thundering stock car to learn how to race in the white-knuckle world of professional motor sports.
  • Adventure Wanted: White Water Challenge
    Joby Ogwyn settles into a kayak to learn the life saving 'Eskimo roll' maneouver in order to navigate the Chiles Futaleufu river.
  • Adventure Wanted: Bullriding
    Joby Ogwyn visits the old cowboy territory to achieve the rodeo goal, holding on for the mythical eight seconds atop an angry bull.
  • Adventure Wanted: Rat Race Scotland
    Joby Ogwyn joins the Rat Race in Edinburgh. He is challenged like never before to complete the two day expedition.
  • Adventure Wanted: Treks In A Wild World
    At Albania, Zoe starts her trip from Skhodra at the north of the country and ends it at the peak of Mount Arapit.