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Animals are all around us. Sometimes too close for comfort. Preserving the balance between man and wildlife are the animal extractors. With every big city, there’s a big nuisance animal problem.


  • Animal Extractors: Polar Bear Peril
    A polar bear is caught by agents on the edge of town. Elsewhere, a mother polar bear and her cubs are airlifted out of harm's way.
  • Animal Extractors: Race Against Time
    Jim faces an emergency search for an injured bear cub. Can he find it in time and get it to safety before its too late?
  • Animal Extractors: Rattlesnake Family
    Face to face with 7 deadly snakes, can Mark safely relocate them before someone gets hurt?
  • Animal Extractors: Snake Attack
    Mark comes face to face with an aggressive Bull Snake at a family home, leaving him with a painful reminder.
  • Animal Extractors: The Raccoon Attack
    Watch how Brad and Pete extract an aggressive mother raccoon and her litter from an attic and another found running around an office.
  • Animal Extractors: Three Little Pigs
    Catching 3 little pigs seems like an easy task but it proves us wrong when 3 wild hogs enter a yard and destroy a beautifully manicured lawn.
  • Animal Extractors: Triple Trash Bears
    3 black bears are spotted at the tourist hotspot in Nevada feeding on open trash cans and a food court. Will Lackey be able to get them out?
  • Animal Extractors: Wild Horse Hazard
    Wild horses threaten to clash with a motorcycle rally in Reno. Watch how the agents salvage the situations.
  • Animal Extractors: Bedroom Bat
    In Toronto, Brad and Pete help a family get rid of the flying bats that have invaded their home.
  • Animal Extractors: Backyard Python
    An extremely aggressive python lurks into a family backyard in Florida. Can the animal extractors remove it in time before it hurts anyone?
  • Animal Extractors: Break-In Bear
    Can Carl lure the bear out of the bedroom?A large alligator has taken up residence in a nearby lake, can Rick and Scott remove the unwelcomed visitor?
  • Animal Extractors: Double Trouble Gators
    A call on an alligator trying to snack on a dog brings Rick & Scott to the rescue. To their astonishment, they find two big gators insread.
  • Animal Extractors: Pets in Peril
    An aggressive racoon attacking pet cats end in tragedy. Tom Brown is called in to remove the racoons before more cats are killed.