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  • Premieres Wednesday May 6th at 9:35 pm, 8:35pm BKK/JKT
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From the heart stopping to the simply outrageous we bring you the most jaw dropping moments in Animals Gone Wild. It’s the roughest and rowdiest animals moments in Disorderly Conduct. Creatures cheating death and defying laws of nature in Crazy Close Calls. Stranger than fiction brawls, love connections and match ups in Bizarre Encounters. Massive attacks and savage instincts keep us rolling in Off the Wall.  We see the craziest life or death saves and prehistoric beasts in Against All Odds. And experience sudden shocks, devious twists and turns in Sneaky Beasts. It’s all here on Animals Gone Wild.


  • Animals Gone Wild: Cheating Death
    An elephant has a run in with a car of tourists. A lion shows his natural instincts can't be tamed. A tiny Chihuahua takes on armed robbers. These unforgettable brushes with death remind us that everyday survival can be precarious. From terrifying life-or-death struggles and risky monster-sized rescues, to crazy acts of bravery and daring animal escapes: these are the world's greatest death dodgers on Animals Gone Wild 2: Cheating Death.
  • Animals Gone Wild: The Bold And The Brutal
    A pair of giraffes battle viciously for dominance. A fisherman is caught in a swarm of feeding alligators. A buffalo tosses a lion like a rag doll. Surviving to see another day can be a monumental struggle. From shocking head-to-head battles and terrifying brushes with death, to sudden ambush assaults and impossible breakout escapes. These are battles like you've never seen before on Animals Gone Wild 2: Survival of the Fiercest.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Danger Zone
    A circus lion shows why these animals should be in the wild. Open water swimmers get a surprise visit from a pair of whales. A dog is left on the wrong side of a closing elevator door. This is the territory where things can go wrong in a split second. From vengeful creatures, and freak accidents turned lethal, to deadly surprise pitfalls, and life-threatening close encounters -- these are nature's most intense moments on Animals Gone Wild 2: Danger Zone.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Epic Fails
    A man on an elephant underestimates a Bengal tiger's reach. A jeep-load of safari goers find out that giraffes are not always gentle giants. A deer buck takes a wrong step and is swallowed by a sinkhole. These unbelievable blunders of the animal world are almost too hard to believe. From fearsome surprise attacks and bone-crushing collisions, to animals pushed too far and predators in too deep. They're the animal world's most treacherous mistakes on Animals Gone Wild 2: Epic Fails.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Close Calls
    A great white shark comes between another shark and its meal. A capuchin monkey gets a high-voltage lesson when touches a live power line. A python sinks its teeth into a massive crocodile. These are unreal events caught on tape. From incredible caught-on-tape battles and the closest of calls, to extreme fights for survival and creatures unlike any other - these animal run-ins are truly one in a million on Animals Gone Wild 2: One in a Million.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Tempting Fate
    A group of fishermen encounter a giant anaconda. Beachgoers witness a massive gathering of sharks. A field researcher gets on the wrong side of a captive moose. These are true tales of living on the edge. From enraged animal assaults and impossibly unfair face-offs, to predator invasions on our turf and mistaken identities turned dangerous - see these risk-takers and rule-breakers on Animals Gone Wild 2: Playing with Fire.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Daredevils
    A cornered leopard is a danger to the villagers who want to chase it from their town. A group of golfers is surprised to find an earth-shaking battle between two alligators on the green. A pair of bears scale a sheer rock wall. From out-of-control rampages and heroic confrontations, to no-holds-barred battles and dangerous deep sea encounters - these are the animal world's craziest situations on Animals Gone Wild 2: Daredevils.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Masters of Mayhem
    A treacherous bird reigns terror on an Australian street. A wily leopard dives from a tree onto its prey. A crafty fox steals and gnaws on a video camera. Watch these sneaky creatures and more commit crazy acts of chaos. From macho street brawls and unrelenting aggressors, to out of control collisions and cunning animal escapes these are the animal worlds wildest moments on Animals Gone Wild 2: Mayhem and Mischief.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Showdown
    A pod of orcas targets a tiger shark in a match-up of apex predators. A camp-side serenade goes wrong when a bat takes a bite out of the guitarist. A hefty koi fish turns the tables on a pair of kittens. From out-of-control urban conflicts and predator-on-predator clashes, to violent surprise ambushes and underdogs battling huge odds these are the animal worlds boldest battles on Animals Gone Wild 2: Extreme Showdowns.
  • Animals Gone Wild: Risky Business
    A baby elephant is surrounded by a pack of hungry lions. A parade horse reacts violently to a loud celebration. Invasive Asian carp leap from a river in a frenzy. You wont believe what happens next. From fish-out-of-water conflicts and rebellious animal assaults, to dangerous predator rescues and odds that seem impossible to beat this is Animals Gone Wild 2: Risky Business.