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  • Baking Good, Baking Bad

  • Premieres Friday February 6th at 8:50pm, 7:50pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


Paris, the city of light, love and of course food and the adopted home of British food writer and cook Harry Eastwood. In this new series, Harry is taking us on a journey through her home city, showing us how to deal with our inner saint and sinner envy and how to create the most amazing patisseries that would make her adoptive country - France - very proud of her.


  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 1
    After wandering around her local fresh food market, Harry is digging into her inner saint and evil spirit to create a magnificent birthday cake, the naughtiest chocolate on this side of the pond and enough treats to get your mouth watering for the rest of the year. And all of these of course in her home city of Paris...
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 2
    After tasting a sinful apricot tart in her local bakery, Harry challenges herself to make her own saintly skinny bikini tart and have it approved by the baker himself. She will embrace her inner sinner to create her lovely Passionate mess desert and travel back to the states through her delicious blueberry pie.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 3
    Harry satisfies her chocolate addiction by coming up with her saintly chocolate mousse cups. She then prepares a tea party for her friends with her traditional British sinner treats, raspberry fools and shortbread sweethearts. And all of these of course in her home city of Paris...
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 4
    After savouring gorgeous French meringues with her friend Helen, Harry creates the most delicious princess lemon layer cake. She then has a nice cycle around the city of Paris before digging into her inner sinner and preparing her special rainbow cake.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 5
    After visiting the oldest sweet shop in Paris, Harry is full of inspiration to create her own saintly French sweeties, Florentine and lemon candied peels. She will take her sinner ways to new heights and cook her lemon cloud cheesecake for her English girlfriends.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 6
    Harry admits to being a real chocoholic when visiting her French chocolatier friend who will enjoy tasting her special Parisian profiteroles. She will stick to chocolate and bake her orange chocolate mousse torte and her special Knickerbocker glory.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 7
    After focusing on the most important meal of the day : breakfast, with her saint and sinner nut bars, Harry will please her beloved daddy and boyfriend with her very naughty banoffee pie and her special rhum and coke banana flambées! And all of these of course in her home city of Paris...
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 8
    After trying the most exquisite chocolate fondue, Harry will make her own little sweet cherry bombshells and devilish chocolate truffles. She will also challenge herself with her ginger sticky toffee pudding. And all of these of course in her home city of Paris...
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 9
    Harry travels round Italy, France and America with her baking today. She will challenge both French traditional crème brulée and crème caramel. She will dig into her inner saint with her cherry biscotti before falling into her sinner ways again with her American choc chip cookies.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 10
    After coming up with the most devilish and naughty chocolate meltdown in her little Parisian kitchen, Harry will become a saint again and create a light sauterne sabayon and her secret red velvet brownie.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 11
    After getting inspiration in a French organic café, Harry runs back home to prepare the most tasty and light breakfast. She will then take her inner sinner to new heights and feed her crave for fried food accompanied by a naughty full fat cookies and cream milksake.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 12
    Today Harry challenges her French pain perdu, one of her boyfriend’s favourite Sunday sin breakfast. She will then feed her love for American cupcakes and make her own saint and sinner versions in her little Parisian kitchen.
  • Baking Good, Baking Bad: Ep 13
    After visiting her local Parisian wine bar, Harry prepares her special saintly French poached pears and pink Prosecco granita. She will invite another brit’ chef in town to taste her naughty vanilla ice cream on top of her plum and ginger crumble.