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From extreme speed to bone crushing bites, big cats are some of the most impressive predators on the planet. Each of them is an incredible animal, with its own unique and special set of skills. In Big Cat Games, we will challenge ferocious felines against each other in a series of trials that will determine once and for all who is king of the cats. In the wild they are confident, dominant, and fearless—but they have never had to face anything like this before. Lions, cheetahs and tigers will be pushed to the limits of their natural athletic abilities. Competitors will go claw-to-claw in four events: the hunt, the jump, the search and the catch. Overseeing the games is big cat specialist Boone Smith, who brings his expertise and insight to each event. Boone has spent much of his life learning everything there is to know about big cats. His plan is to see how the big cats match up in tests of intelligence, agility, senses, and killer instinct. When all four challenges have been completed, one species will be crowned the big cat champions.