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  • Bondi Rescue

  • Premieres Tuesday June 4th at 9:45 pm, 8:45 pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Adventure


Join the lifeguards of Bondi, one of the busiest beaches in the world.

With sharks in the water, thieves on land, broken bones, overdoses, fights and mass rescues, the lifeguards of Bondi Beach have their hands full watching over the millions of tourists and locals who flock to the area each year.

Bondi Rescue shows that while having an office at the beach can certainly have its perks, these rugged Australian lifeguards risk it all patrolling from sunrise to sundown while keeping beachgoers safe. Whether it is launching a mass ocean rescue effort, preparing for a racial riot or even playing Santa Claus on Christmas, these lifeguards have a “work hard, play hard” attitude that makes a visit to Bondi a once in a lifetime experience.

Filled with life-and-death rescues, shark sightings, and a few humorous encounters with some over zealous party-goers, each episode delivers a shot of drama and heart-pumping adrenaline. With rescue board cameras, helicopter footage and behind the scenes access, get side-by-side the lifeguards as they put themselves in danger to help save others.


  • Bondi Rescue
    Matt discovers that whenever Deano is on patrol, he keeps the swimmers safe. Before the end of summer, he has rescued a total of 87 people!
  • Bondi Rescue
    Bondi is packed with people and lifeguards are busy all day in rescuing swimmers. Hoppo sounds the alarm when surfers report a shark sighting.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 8
    Reidy was an overweight kid who didn't grow up surfing. Today he's overcome harsh criticism to become a lifeguard.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 7
    On the day of the lifeguard challenge, things go from bad to worse when Jesse gets a buoy rope caught in the jetski.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 13
    With the season coming to a close, the trainees are eager to find out about their performances. The head man has good news, but only for one of them.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 1
    Following recent shark attacks around the country, it isn’t long before fins are spotted in the waters off Bondi...
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 2
    The boys have to deal with various problems that happened during Christmas on the crowded Bondi Beach.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 3
    10,000 people attend a New Year's dance party at Australia's most famous beach. Paris Hilton joins the festivities.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 4
    Thieves are at large on the beach & anything unattended is at risk. Lifeguards take the opportunity to scope out perpetrators.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 5
    Lifeguards must rescue a surfer being smashed against cliffs in huge seas, but the jetski can't get close enough.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 6
    On a day filled with massive distractions, the Bondi lifeguards make a near fatal mistake.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 9
    Rips are the hidden danger most beachgoers can't identify. Lifeguards mark them out with dangerous current signs, but often they're ignored. So Terry conducts an experiment with stickers.
  • Bondi Rescue: 1
    As summer starts to heat up, most Australians wind down at work and get ready to break for the year.
  • Bondi Rescue: 2
    It's Christmas day in Bondi and road weary travellers, local families, and Christmas orphans come to see Santa make an appearance.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 10
    Lifeguard "Harries" plans to propose to girlfriend Emily high above Bondi in a chopper, and needs the team to make a huge "Marry Me" sign in the sand.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 11
    A surfing collision results in a deep water spinal rescue, and surf rage breaking out on the shore. Lifeguards must work out who's at fault; later, a man is rescued with no pants.
  • Bondi Rescue: 3
    18 year-old trainee Maxi is now in his third year at Bondi.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 12
    An 18 year old man breaks his leg and Maxi uses a mobile phone tracking device to locate a thief.
  • Bondi Rescue: 4
    It's Bondi's most dangerous surf in recent memory, but invariably swimmers ignore lifeguards warnings.
  • Bondi Rescue: 5
    A 19 year old Bondio kid passes the Waverley Council trainee program and becomes a lifeguard.
  • Bondi Rescue: 6
    Second year trainee Maxi hopes this will be the year he earns his stripes as a fully-fledged lifeguard.
  • Bondi Rescue: 7
    The strong desire of becoming a lifeguard is also faced by one of the worst situations one could encounter: retrieving a dead body.
  • Bondi Rescue: 8
    A heat wave has hit Sydney and beach goers are getting from Bondi more than what they expected.
  • Bondi Rescue: 9
    Lifeguards become bouncers when Hollywood heart throb Zac Efron arrives to a frenzy of teenage girls.
  • Bondi Rescue: 11
    The world’s best surfers, including 9-time world champion Kelly Slater and current world champion Mick Fanning, descend on Bondi for the Boost Mobile SurfSho.
  • Bondi Rescue: Ep 14
    The Boost aerial-surfing contest comes to Bondi, attracting an extra 20,000 people to the beach.
  • Bondi Rescue: 10
    On the hottest day of summer, it isn’t long before the heat casualties start rolling in and lifeguards are inundated with patients.
  • Bondi Rescue: 12
    Occasionally Bondi reveals all its vibrant and varied colours at once. Two teenagers wake up at the beach to find their money and phones missing, leaving Deano to nut out a plan to get them home.
  • Bondi Rescue: 13
    Early morning and a man reports that his friend has not been seen since he left for a midnight swim. A major search is launched for the missing man.