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  • Bondi Rescue

  • Premieres Tuesday June 4th at 9:45 pm, 8:45 pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Adventure

    • Induction Day show

      Induction Day

      It’s training day and the boys are back in town.

    • Bondi Bootcamp show

      Bondi Bootcamp

      Brooke proves herself an equal amongst these elite men.

    • New Year's Day show

      New Year's Day

      Find out how the elite professional lifeguards celebrate New Year.

    • Animal Rescue show

      Animal Rescue

      Bondi Rescue becomes Animal Rescue as a Stingray is moved out of harms way.

    • Australia Day show

      Australia Day

      What’s Australian and what’s un-Australian? Find out on Australia Day.

    • Ironman Race show

      Ironman Race

      Every Summer the lifeguards get themselves into peak physical condition.

    • Rookie Blake show

      Rookie Blake

      Rookie Blake earns his stripes in front of his mum and family.

    • Lifeguard Challenge show

      Lifeguard Challenge

      The regional lifeguard competition is two weeks away. The elite team prepare.

    • Bondi Challenge show

      Bondi Challenge

      Every day starts early for the elite professional lifeguards.

    • Short Days of Cool Water show

      Short Days of Cool Water

      Local man embarrassingly gets into trouble in front of his “pommie” mates.