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For years, skylines have been at the mercy of Mother Nature with tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes all wreaking havoc on city structures directly in their firing line. No building has been safe… Until now.

Building Invincible goes inside what it takes to not only keep these structures surviving, but thriving in the face of the worst Mother Nature can throw at them. Whether it’s Trump’s new tower or the Miami Marlins’ new stadium, find out what keeps these giants standing.

From a Tornado-proof skyscraper reinforced with enough concrete to fill 57 Olympic-sized pools, to a bridge with shock absorbers so big they can protect against the power of a massive earthquake, explore the most innovative and radical structures modern technology has to offer.


  • Building Invincible: Episode 1
    San Francisco's new Bay Bridge is one of the most earthquake-proof bridges in the world. And it has to be. Built between the two most active earthquake faults in America, it is under constant attack from Planet Earth.
  • Building Invincible: Episode 2
    Reaching 423 meters into the sky, the Trump International Hotel and Tower: Chicago was opened in 2009 to high paying hotel guests and permanent residents. But this glass-clad monument is no ordinary residential tower: it has been designed and built to withstand some of the most powerful winds on the planet: Tornadoes. And with good reason: Chicago sits at the most northern reach of the area of land with the most number of violent tornadoes in the world: Tornado Alley.
  • Building Invincible: Episode 3
    Miami's futuristic new ballpark looks more like a space-ship than a sporting arena. To combat Florida's hot, humid weather it has a state-of-the-art retractable roof that weighs as much as The Eiffel Tower, France. But Miami City is directly in the firing line of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the States, and Marlins Park sits right in the flood zone.