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  • Building Wild

  • Premieres Monday June 16th at 10:00 pm, 9:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


The Cabin Kings are going off the map, conquering the frontier and Building Wild. Over 9 seasons on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” beloved designer/builder Paul DiMeo became known for building the impossible. Now, he’s taking things to a whole new level by partnering with master fabricator Tuffy and launching a new cabin-building business: Cabin Kings. They are construction’s odd couple: Paulie is a city boy at heart who’s traveled the world and has the grand design ideas to prove it, and Tuffy is a gruff, logical woodsman who accomplishes miracles with his excavator but has never heard of Starbucks. Each week, Paulie and Tuffy will meet a new client who owns a challenging piece of wilderness and dreams of building a cabin on the property. These Cabin Kings will provide big ideas and the construction know how. To keep costs low, the landowners must provide some materials, bring together a work force of friends and family, and agree to do the entire build in one week. Each build is a race against the clock and a battle against the elements. Each finished cabin is a backwoods paradise that defies the odds: a cabin converted from an old school bus, a snowboarder’s getaway at the top of a mountain, or a cabin that rotates 360 degrees to maximize both sunrise and sunset.


  • Building Wild: Waterfall Cabin
    Paulie and Tuffy build a cabin that is not only on top of a mountain but also connected to a bridge over a waterfall.
  • Building Wild: Collector's Cabin
    Kyle Seifert and his father collect everything from antiques to machinery. They dream of incorporating all collectibles into a cabin.
  • Building Wild: Hilltop Hangar
    Paulie and Tuffy have to build a wild and yonder cabin for their once-pilot client and his friends to recall their memories in the sky.
  • Building Wild: Treehouse Cabin
    Paulie and Tuffy builds a cabin high up in a tree for their client John so he can have his bachelor party and then enjoy the time with his wife.
  • Building Wild: Floating Getaway
    The Cabins Kings take on a challenge of building a floating cabin for fishing in warm weather and also as a warm fishing shelter in winter.
  • Building Wild: Tailgating Paradise
    Tuffy and Paulie set off to build a tailgating cabin for Jets away games and also trails for the client’s truck and snowmobile.
  • Building Wild: Maple Syrup Motor Club
    Paulie and Tuffy have to build an amphibious cabin combining a "Sugar Shack" and hangout place for this motorcycle-loving family and their friends.
  • Building Wild: Brewhouse Cabin
    Paulie and Tuffy fulfill brewer Chad’s dream of producing home-made beer in a cabin in the woods. They design the brewing system and a bar for him.
  • Building Wild: Marble Getaway
    The Cabin Kings’ client Danielle wants to have a stone sanctuary serving as a getaway for her and her friends to play music and barbeque.
  • Building Wild: Demolition Derby Cabin
    Paulie and Tuffy build a cabin at the top of a mountain road featuring a "convertible" bedroom which can slide out from the second floor.