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    • Mungo's Dressing Comes Off show

      Mungo's Dressing Comes Off

      Back home in Newcastle Mungo takes off his dressing for the first time after surgery.

    • Mungo's Surgery show

      Mungo's Surgery

      Mungo has surgery on his knee and is looking forward to meeting back up with Charley and the BAM team.

    • Overnight in the Chaubas show

      Overnight in the Chaubas

      Russ and the BAM team stay overnight with a local family in Nepal at a UNICEF site.

    • Sheep Farm show

      Sheep Farm

      Charley visits an Australian farm in the outback and sees how the sheep are sheared.

    • Singapore F1 Race Track show

      Singapore F1 Race Track

      Charley sneaks onto the newly built Singapore formula one race track for a quick look around.

    • Spring Dip show

      Spring Dip

      Charley takes a dip in the fresh Australian spring with his Ozzie guides.

    • The BAM Song show

      The BAM Song

      The By Any Means road trip song written and sung by Russ Malkin.

    • Vaccines in Nepal show

      Vaccines in Nepal

      Charley delivers the inoculations for children to a UNICEF site in Nepal.

    • Wicked Van show

      Wicked Van

      The team hire one of these Wicked Vans to drive through Australia. Each one has a different colour scheme and design. They are...

    • The Rickshaw Run show

      The Rickshaw Run

      Charley visits his buddy in Kathmandu who is taking part in a tuk tuk race from Kathmandu through India to raise money for...

    • Tree Cutting on the Danube show

      Tree Cutting on the Danube

      Charley nearly lands a tree on our camera man’s head on the Danube.

    • By Any Means show

      By Any Means

      Charley Boorman travels from Ireland to Australia, by land or sea, using any transport that’s appropriate.