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  • Premieres Monday July 13th at 111pm, 10pm BKK/JKT
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    • Log Team Levels Out show

      Log Team Levels Out

      It takes the entire Heim Log team to find a way to fix uneven walls on a grand Norwegian-style cabin in the Lone Star state.

    • Learning a New Trade show

      Learning a New Trade

      Cory and Nate take a break from building log cabins to create handcrafted outdoor furniture for Cory’s dad.

    • Raise the Roof show

      Raise the Roof

      After spending days building a 6,000 lb. truss system, the team hits a snag during installation.

    • Tight Squeeze on the Upper Level show

      Tight Squeeze on the Upper Level

      When you’re building a massive, multi-level cabin in the mountains of Utah, the devil is in the details.

    • Minnesota Nordic Lodge show

      Minnesota Nordic Lodge

      Nate puts his skills to the test when a client makes a last-minute request for their cozy Norwegian-style log home.

    • Irons in the Fire show

      Irons in the Fire

      When clients make a last-minute request, Nate and Grizzly Bob need to find a solution—and a mason—fast.

    • Longest Log in the House show

      Longest Log in the House

      Setting the ridgepole can be a technical and dangerous process, but well worth the end result.

    • Minnesota Deep Freeze show

      Minnesota Deep Freeze

      When equipment is too frozen to work on a brutally cold day, the construction team at Heim Log Yard need to find a solution....