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Just as cell-phone cameras have revolutionized the way news footage is captured around the globe, so the increasing sophistication of camera trapping technology has led to a surge in the recording of unusual animal behavior, the proof of animals thriving in eco-pockets around the planet and even the discovery of animals surviving when hitherto thought to be extinct. Now, just as domestic video cameras allowed everyone to record family milestones and led in turn to shows like "America's Funniest Home Videos", so Camera Trap will turn viewers into wildlife detectives.


  • Camera Trap : Ghost On The Green
    Sneaky vandals are digging up a golf course under the dead of night.
  • Camera Trap : Monster of The Manor
    A typical quaint English village in which nothing much happens is brought to life by the prospect of a man -eater living in their midst.
  • Camera Trap : Haunted Forest
    Strange sounds and spooky sightings are giving locals a fright.
  • Camera Trap : Goat Sucking Ghoul
    The WSI team separate fact from fiction as they unravel the story of a mythical beast that is putting the terror in Texas.
  • Camera Trap : Crooks In The Canyon
    A crime wave is sweeping a canyon in southern California, but who or what is the thief, and why are the most unlikely objects being stolen?
  • Camera Trap : Attic Demons
    Mysterious noises are spooking the residents of Raleigh. What is sneaking around at night, and why has nobody been able to catch the intruders?
  • Camera Trap : Dog Snatcher
    Domestic dogs are being snatched from their homes in a Chicago suburb, stolen under the very noses of their owners.
  • Camera Trap : Killer Cat Thief
    Domestic cats are going missing in Vermont, and the locals are all pointing the finger of blame at one wild animal.