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  • Premieres Tuesday November 14th at 9:00 pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
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We Brits love our cars but, just like any relationship, sometimes things can get a little rusty. 

Meet master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and radio and TV presenter Tim Shaw, a petrol-head pair who undertake dramatic automobile interventions across the UK, hoping to return some much-loved motors to their former glory.

With a tight deadline to turn each job around without the owners knowing, find out how these neglected classics fell in need of a little loving care – and what Fuzz and Tim can do to get them back on the road.


  • Car SOS: Cosworth In Crisis
    Mechanics Tim and Fuzz are called in to rescue a classic Ford Sierra RS Cosworth that has been left to rust in a garage ever since the owner's brother was involved in a tragic accident. In a race against the clock the lads set about a major mechanical overhaul, even fitting a replacement Cosworth engine. With only three weeks to complete their mission before the car has to be returned to it's unsuspecting owner, will the lads deliver a road going rocket… or a Dagenham Dustbin?
  • Car SOS: The Fiat Fiasco
    Wracked with guilt about the car crash in which her boyfriend, Jeremy broke his back, Debs calls in Tim and Fuzz to give her beau a break from his terrible luck. The Car SOS team takes on renovating his forlorn Fiat 850 Spider, but it being one of the rarest cars in the UK spares are all but impossible to find. Its another tough project, apart from the usual rotten bodywork the car needs all of its chrome parts replaced. Its a challenge to which Tim rises manfully taking on a trip to a stunning corner of Italy and a meet up with the grand daddy of 850 clubs. Once the car is finished the boys entice Jeremy to a luxury hotel and present him with an almost unrecognizable little 2 seater sports car but will it give him the lift he needs?
  • Car SOS: Lotus Flowers
    When ex-racing driver Tony Webb bought a 1970 Lotus Elan he had big plans of doing it up to enjoy during his retirement. But a cripplingly painful spine injury means his ability to drive is on borrowed time. With only a couple of years left before a wheel chair beckons, Tim & Fuzz step in and fast track his project to completion. But in the process of renovation a controversial discovery is made, and while "Factory" Fuzz sees no choice but to completely change the color of the car, Tims worried hes gone too far and no one knows how Tony will feel. At a dramatic unveiling at the Lotus factory where the little Elan was built 43 years earlier, all is revealed.
  • Car SOS: Phoenix Jeep
    Tim and Fuzz are drafted in to totally rebuild a beloved Jeep and repair an old mans heart after both were callously broken in an arson attack. The 4 wheel drive war horse was so frazzled by the fire that a huge amount of new parts have to be sourced but Tim valiantly campaigns to keep the history in the Jeeps scarred panels intact. Its a constant battle and the boys are put under more pressure when they find out that Dick, the Jeeps owner, is very, very fussy about all the details being just right. In an epic final scene that Spielberg would have been proud of the Jeep throws one last spanner in the work. When Dick finally sees his car he cant believe his eyes, but have the boys scored a bullseye or shot themselves in the foot?
  • Car SOS: Beetle Mania
    Tim & Fuzz head to Southampton on a mission to rescue a Beetle called Boris that almost bankrupted its owner. With Boris back at base the boys uncover some truly awful repairs and shocking rust which means a lot panels get replaced, it also means they can give the old bug a new look with sloping headlamps and retro bumpers but, as ever, they dont see eye to eye on the details. To add to the makeover mix a graphic artist is commissioned to reinvent Boris wacky paint job for a laid back new life with its surfer owner. The piece de resistance is a wind up reveal in which the poor owner is told his tired old bug is vandalized, the truth, of course, is quite the reverse
  • Car SOS: Anglia Angels
    The CAR SOS crew travel to darkest Bournemouth to discover a severe case of Anglia obsession. The Hutchins-Clarke family only have eyes for one car, each of them owning at least one Ford Anglia. All except poor James. Having been stripped of spares by his parts hungry relations Tim & Fuzz swoop in and rescue James sorry Anglia, but can they save it? The next 3 weeks are a blur of Anglia action; high powered engines, lowered suspension, thumping hi-fis and supercool wheels. The car that results is Fuzzs perfect Anglia and hes fallen in love. Its a painful parting for the master mechanic but will this supercool 60s ride get the welcome it deserves from its surprised new owner?
  • Car SOS: Austin Re-Powered
    Tim & Fuzz head to Suffolk to rescue a charismatic but very worn out 1928 Austin 12/4. Owner Graham had a dream of spending his retirement pottering about in "Gusty" and thanks to Car SOS, he will. Thats as long as Tim & Fuzz can overcome the problems of repairing this fragile and rather rare car. From the start it is obvious all the perishable parts need replacing but its the engine that gives the boys the runaround. On top of that, the boys struggle to agree on Fuzzs idea of an "oily rag" restoration, a suggestion that leaves Tim scratching his head. Finally the reveal day arrives and hands Tim the chance to try his cheekiest ever way of handing the unsuspecting owner his car back.
  • Car SOS: The Rover’s Return Car
    Rover lover Steves terrible run of health problems meant his dream of renovating a 1972 P6 were put firmly on the back burner. That was until, behind his back, wife Marie called in the CAR SOS boys to resurrect this icon of upmarket British motoring. When Tim & Fuzz first see the old Rover theyre hopeful the workload may not be too overwhelming, that is until they start to take the old girl apart. Bit by complicated bit they realize they have unleashed a monster, gradually uncovering decades of shoddy botchery. Despite the relentless pressure the lads nurse the Rover back to health. After 3 exhausting weeks the car is unveiled to Steve at the East London bus depot where he and his family work.
  • Car SOS: Triumph of The Stag
    Answering a wife's SOS, Tim & Fuzz head to Portsmouth on a mission to rescue an ex-naval diver's Stag and finally put a smile back on his face. A hit-and-run 32 years ago led to the car's owner gradually losing the use of his legs. No longer able to drive his beloved Stag it spent the last 18 years in his garage gradually being swallowed under a mountain of junk whilst he sank into the doldrums. After the guys spirit-away the Triumph, they switch out the transmission and install some customized pedals so the ex-serviceman owner can enjoy his much loved motor again. Invited to the Bond exhibition at the National Motor museum our Stag lover finds a very familiar looking exhibit.
  • Car SOS: Zodiac Come Back
    Tim & Fuzz head to Norfolk on another undercover mission to revive a dwindling 4 wheeled dream. After a lifetime of health problems that have hampered this restoration project, an aging teddy boy's 1950s Ford Zodiac is fixed up and given some crafty modifications by the CAR SOS crew. The plan is to help this ageing rocker get rolling behind the wheel of his beloved car for the first time in 20 years. But there's a headache when "factory" Fuzz controversially changes the paint back to its original color scheme, a decision that may make the big reveal a rather tense affair.