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Enter the high-stakes world of a nuclear aircraft carrier as we meet the crew of the USS Nimitz.

Over 5,000 marines and sailors call the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz home. At sea for many months at a time on high-risk missions, these men and women must live together day in and day out. But how does a ship with a population the size of a small town function? This 10-part series follows the crew as they give us an inside look into how they deal with their day-to-day lives, relationships, jobs, faith and the risks they face aboard a nuclear aircraft carrier.


  • Carrier: Super Secrets
    The itinerary of the USS Nimitz is top secret.When it pulls in HK for a port call,a scandal happened and the ship's itinerary was changed immediately.
  • Carrier: Squared Away
    Life on deployment is stressful for everyone, although port calls allow sailors to blow off steam but it dont't relieve all pressure.
  • Carrier: Show Of Force
    The Big Game really kicks off when the Nimitz arrives in the Gulf. The conditions are extreme and everyone is trying hard to hold their fustration.
  • Carrier: Groundhog Day
    A port call in Bahrain helps the sailors to relax.Meanwhile,a crew on The Princeton,one of the escort ship,went missing and an intense search ensues.
  • Carrier: Rites Of Passage
    While crossing the South Indian Ocean,the Nimitz met a storm and faces even more difficulties for the landing on the carrier.
  • Carrier: True Believers
    As the ship drops anchor in Perth, Australia, we explores the many expressions of faith onboard the USS Nimitz.
  • Carrier: Get Home
    Been away for so long, the Navy holds seminars to counsel sailors on what to expect when they return home and how to make the transition smooth.
  • Carrier: Full Circle
    As the Nimitz returns to San Diego, the sailors and Marines prepare to return to their homes & reflect on what they've accomplished.
  • Carrier: All Hands
    On a bright morning, around 5,000 sailors bid farewell to their loved ones before the mammoth USS Nimitz pulls out of Coronado, California......
  • Carrier: Controlled Chaos
    The crews of the USS Nimitz live beneath the runway of an airport.Their bulwark against danger and chaos is to bond with their units onboard the ship.