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  • Premieres Wednesday October 8th at 9pm, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Cesar Millan is on the road, rehabilitating dogs and spreading his message of pack leadership to the citizens of Singapore and Hong Kong.  Each week, Cesar travels to a community that is in desperate need of his help.  He is summoned by neighbors, co-workers, relatives and friends who “blow the whistle” on a four-legged menace that has turned their lives up upside down.  Whether it’s a vicious dog who is biting its family or a dominant dog who is terrorizing a business, Cesar will use his unparalleled expertise to bring balance to the dogs and the community.  Each episode will consist of one story within a community and conclude with all parties coming together at a central meeting place to celebrate the rehabilitation of the dog. Three of the four episodes will include segments from large group training sessions that Cesar conducted in each city.


  • Cesar to the Rescue Asia: It's The Baby Or The Dog!
    In this episode, Cesar comes to the rescue of a three year-old rescue mutt, Elffy, who has bitten everyone in his family. Elffy's owner, Alvina, is 8 months pregnant and her family is terrified that the dog will one day bite and hurt the baby. They are giving her one last chance to rehabilitate the dog before they insist Elffy be given away. It will be hard to find someone to adopt an aggressive dog, so if Cesar can't change Elffy, the dog will most likely be euthanized.
  • Cesar to the Rescue Asia: Singapore's Canine Prisoner
    In this episode, Cesar is asked to help a dog named Yoshi, who is so aggressive towards other dogs, that his owners have kept him locked up for a year. To make matters worse, the owners have an infant daughter and are scared that once she learns to crawl, Yoshi will try to bite her. When the dog is brought outdoors for the first time in a year, he attacks a poodle. Cesar uses the incipient as a teachable moment and the foundation of his rehabilitation strategy. Can Cesar help Yoshi to function outside his apartment?
  • Cesar to the Rescue Asia: Chewed Out In Hong Kong
    In this episode, Cesar is confronted with a one-eyed rescue mutt, Duk Duk, who is so distrustful of humans, that he attacks out of fear. He has bitten his owner, her mother and her father. He now needs surgery on his leg, but the owner cant get him into the car. Cesar has his hands full and is even willing take a painful bite to teach Duk Duk to stop attacking humans and get the leg surgery he desperately needs.
  • Cesar to the Rescue Asia: Trouble At The Hong Kong Dog Cafe
    In this episode, Cesar is called to help the owner of a dog-friendly café rehabilitate his aggressive dog Sassa. Sassa is a Siberian husky who believes that she is the boss of the café and needs to protect her owner, Brian, from all of his customers. She has attacked Brians customers dogs and its jeopardizing the business. If Brian cant get Sassa under control, he may have to choose between his dog and his livelihood.