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  • Premieres Friday, February 9th at 10pm HKT, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic


Chain of Command delivers extraordinary insight into a line of authority and responsibility as never seen before, including a rare on-camera sit-down with General Joseph Dunford Jr., the 19th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. From the halls of power at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, to the front lines in Iraq; Afghanistan; Somalia; Niger; and South America, and to the surprising ISIS recruiting ground of Trinidad and Tobago, viewers will see first-hand how decisions made at the Pentagon have a direct impact on service members on the ground, fighting to protect Americans and their allies from radicalised extremists.


  • Chain of Command: Part 1: By, With & Through
    In the premiere of Chain of Command, we get exclusive, striking glimpses of how the war of our generation is being waged, and how it might be won.
  • Chain of Command: Part 2: Perception And Reality
    In Chain of Command's second episode, the war against extremism continues around the globe in Iraq, Afghanistan and Trinidad.
  • Chain of Command: Part 3: Shoulder To Shoulder
    In Chain of Command's third episode, the scope of the war on extremism - literally, and emotionally - is on full display.
  • Chain of Command: Part 4: The End of The Beginning
    As Chain of Command continues, in every facet of the war on extremism, there's recognition of how long the fight will go.
  • Chain of Command: Part 5: Generations
    As U.S. forces battle violent extremism around the globe, no setting has been more vexing over the last decade and a half than Afghanistan.
  • Chain of Command: Part 6: Crossroads
    Military leaders discuss the growing concerns in Africa, deploying special operations forces uniquely equipped to handle threats there.
  • Chain of Command: Part 7: War Without Borders
    On an aircraft carrier off the coast of Syria, the United States launches air strikes, looking to finish off ISIS and its caliphate.
  • Chain of Command: Part 8: Why We Fight
    The war on terror looks different in different settings all across the world. As the losses are mourned, the war against violent extremism continues.